Introducing Single Vision: The Next Evolution in the Vision by Commtel Range!

At Commtel, we are committed to delivering solutions that meet our customers’ evolving needs. Following the successful launch of our first-ever plug-and-play 4G video intercom, the Millennium Vision, our team received an overwhelming request for a single button version. We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes, and we’re thrilled to unveil our latest addition: Single Vision.

Single Vision is precisely what its name suggests—a single-button, 4G video intercom featuring a keypad and a timed trade button. This sleek and efficient device is designed to provide a seamless entry solution for single dwellings, family homes, gates, barriers, and beyond.

Security and peace of mind are at the forefront of Single Vision’s design. With video calls seamlessly routed through our Commtel VISION app, setting up this system is a breeze. What’s more, the automatic night mode switching ensures that you can identify visitors at your doorstep, whether it’s the middle of the day or a moonlit night.

Key Features of Single Vision:

1. Built-In Keypad and Authorised Dial to Open: Single Vision allows secure entry for designated individuals, such as postal workers or tradespeople. You can even restrict entry by setting time-specific access windows through the built-in time clock feature.

2. Separate Communication Pathways: delivers voice, access control, and video feeds through separate communication pathways, ensuring critical access and secure video functionality.

3. Ethernet Connectivity: Single Vision is Ethernet-ready, so there’s no need to invest in additional modules. The option to connect via Ethernet comes as a standard feature.

4. Out-of-the-Box Simplicity: Vision is designed for hassle-free installation and commissioning. Program it easily via our Commtel CONFIG installer app or the user-friendly Cirrus programming portal.

5. Multi-Network Data SIM Included: A Multi-Network Data SIM is supplied and pre-installed, ensuring a smooth start to your installation. The cost of the data SIM is covered by us for the first 2 years, to get you up and running with minimal disruption!

6. Customisable Engraving: Single Vision can be engraved, adding a personal touch to complement the aesthetics of your home or property.

7. App-Based Convenience: Manage your Single Vision system through the Commtel VISION app for unparalleled convenience and control.

In a world where security is paramount, Vision by Commtel stands as a testament to our 30-year heritage of innovation and proven reliability, providing you with a cutting-edge solution that you can trust for years to come.

For more information, you can download the Single Vision spec sheet and user guide here.