4G Command Unit

Product Code: 4TGCU

Remotely open, latch and close powered entrances using only your mobile phone!


Do you have clients managing secure parking areas? Warehouses? Storage units?

The Command Unit gives you smart and secure authorised access, from large complexes to tiny footprints.


  • Up to 1300 programmable authorised dial-to-open numbers, providing scalable usability from small domestic to large commercial/industrial sites.
  • 4G LTE module and antenna providing long term network connection, long after the 2G and 3G network ‘sunset’.
  • 2-way communication ~ unit will text you back confirming relay activation and successful programming.
  • Compatible with CIRRUS! Our super-fast & simple, cloud-based programming platform!
  • Cost-effective & easy to install.


  • RELAY: 1 x 60V 2Amp relay.
  • INPUT: 1 x Volt free auxiliary input.
  • RELAY ACTIVATION TIME: 1~120 seconds pulse time.
  • TIME CLOCKS: 9 Remotely programmable time periods.
  • SIM CARD: 1 Micro 4G SIM Card Slot (Subject to Activation Order).
  • ANTENNA: 1 x 4G PCB Antenna with 160mm lead and 90° MMCX connection.
  • DIMENSIONS: 52mm(w) x 90mm (h) x 32mm(d).
  • OPERATING COMMANDS: Default ~ # Pulse, 3# Latch, 6# Unlatch from a standard DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) generating telephone, cordless or mobile phone.

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