• 4G Upgrade Kit for 2G Hy-Can Products. Serial numbers starting with 5 or 6.
  • Including 4G ML PCB, IO Board & 4G Antenna.
  • Working 2G parts to be returned to us for credit (where applicable – see T&C’s)


  • Upgrades will be charged out at full price initially and then on receipt of the working parts back to us, we will raise a credit note for the difference between the list price and your discounted 4G upgrade (please contact us for discounted costs).
  • If the board is damaged, or not working, the full price will remain chargeable.
  • The serial number dictates the amount of credit offered. There is only one discounted upgrade per serial number which is why the 2G PCB must be returned.
  • A 4G Antenna will be included in all upgrade kits.
  • Prices are net plus VAT.
  • 2G parts must be returned within 60 days.