Our Intercom Systems for Flats

Here at Telguard, we are proud to offer a range of reliable intercom systems for flats, private apartments, gated communities, and social housing.
Our intercom range includes:

  • Wireless intercom system for flats
  • Telephone intercom systems

Whether you’re a landlord or a resident-property owner, and whatever your requirement, we have a flat intercom system to suit any environment.

Why Choose our Intercom System for Apartments

Our intercom systems for flats offer a number of benefits:

  • Enhanced security – a flat intercom system offers protection to properties and residents.
  • Peace of mind – whether you’re the landlord, tenant, or owner, an intercom helps keep residents, their belongings, and the building safe.
  • Convenience – an intercom system makes it easier for residents to receive deliveries and verify guests.
  • Ease of installation – our flat intercom system is 4G LTE telephone-based. This means minimal disturbance vs hard-wired solutions, with no need to install cables or handsets.
  • Stylish – our intercoms can seamlessly tie in with the aesthetics of your building.

Intercom systems for flats and apartments

View our flat intercom system options to see which suits your property. Alternatively, if you require some guidance, please contact a member of our knowledgeable team on 01306 710120.