A Brief History From Our Chairman

Back in 1985 an enquiry landed on my desk. A site in Notting Hill was interested in some automated gates for their private street, which got regularly disturbed by the weekly Saturday market. They were after an affordable proposal to include an intercom system serving 72 town houses, all of which had 3 floors.

This sort of request was not beyond our ability at the time, so we put together a quotation based on a hard-wired solution along with the automated gates.

Two weeks later, the client was on the phone advising £23,000 was the lowest intercom estimate they had received and this didn’t include digging up the road and redecorating the properties, let alone the £12,000 gate estimate!

He had decided the project couldn’t go ahead based on the site budget, and his passing comment before hanging up the phone was “we have all got telephones, could we not rig those up to a solution?”

My investigations concluded no such system existed, however if it did; the industry could sell thousands of gate systems where current communication systems had rendered the whole project too expensive! Or simply too complex!

In 1992 Commtel Ltd was set up to produce and promote the Telguard telephone entry solution, as the first on the market to obtain full BABT approval for our Landline based systems. This was followed in 2006 by our innovative GSM solution, harnessing the flexibility and reliability of mobile phones.

Today Commtel’s product ranges are numerous, and the Telguard brand continues to expand. From off-the-shelf products to special bespoke creations, we have something for everyone.

Mission Statement

We are Commtel, proud of who we are and what we do.

Through our team ethos and initiative, we deliver high-quality security solutions.

We invest in our employees to ensure that we reach our full potential.

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